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Our Termite Services

Pre-Construction Treatment:
This treatment is performed at the construction phase of a home or building by applying a liquid termite chemical(Termidor) to the soil where the slab is to be poured. This treatment is combined with a liquid termite chemical (Termidor) applied to the perimeter of the home or building once construction is complete.

Post-Construction treatment:
This treatment is performed on an existing structure with a liquid termite chemical(Termidor) by the way of trenching and/or drilling to create a continuous barrier around the structure. Bath traps access is cut inside the structure wherever necessary, these areas are treated and covered neatly.

Baiting Systems:
Pro’s Pest Control utilizes termite baiting systems as an enhancement to the Termidor liquid treatment. Monitors are placed around the structure to monitor the termite activity in the area. Monitors that are noted to contain termites are treated with bait that is taken back to the colony.

A treatment for your home or business is unique to each building. A Free termite check and price is the best way to determine the right treatment for your specific construction.

All treatment are done in a professional and timely manner. Pro’s Pest Control pays close attention to the landscape around the structure so that everything is left the way it was found.